We Can Do Better

The horrific killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others have unleashed an outpouring of emotion across the United States that are tragic and heartbreaking. I have read headlines and watched television coverage that, like you, have angered and deeply pained me. In the faces of the tens of thousands of Americans who are peacefully protesting these senseless deaths and the systemic racial injustice that enabled them, I see the faces of black men and women from across CompuCom who have personally experienced the same fear, discrimination, and exclusion.

To these associates, I want to say, CompuCom stands in support of you, your families, and your communities.

CompuCom has always sought to be inclusive.  Yet, we owe it to our associates, our customers, our communities, and our country to do better. Our first step is to listen and learn. I have asked CompuCom’s newly-formed Blacks In CompuCom Affinity Group to meet with our leadership team to help us understand the experiences of our black associates and to explore how we can do better.

This is a small start, but one that I hope guides us to a broader conversation about how we create a culture at CompuCom that reflects and celebrates our diversity and where all people feel welcome, respected, and appreciated.

Most of you know that I am an optimist. The events of the last week have tested that optimism. However, I am confident that we can use them, in our own way, to make CompuCom and our nation a better place. To be sure, this conversation is only the beginning.

Mick Slattery
President, CompuCom